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Using Clue for investigations into competition manipulation

Learn how sports integrity teams can use Clue to better detect, disrupt and protect athletes from suspected match manipulation in this free-to-access guide.

What's inside?

In this guide, you will learn how Clue can help you:  

  • Centralise your information sources within a single, user-friendly application and manage and structure large volumes of data using predefined Registers.

  • Elevate routine incidents to thorough investigations. Unearth hidden connections between entities within Clue's intuitive interface, guiding you to fresh lines of inquiry.

  • Manage intelligence and generate comprehensive reports in seconds. Securely share data with trusted partners, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your information.

By streamlining the information gathering process, adhering to regulatory requirements, and enabling secure data exchange with relevant stakeholders, Clue serves as the ultimate tool for sports organisations aiming to uphold the integrity of their competitions and deliver effective outcomes.

“Prior to Clue we used word documents, spreadsheets and handwritten notes …We had vast amounts of data, including year-long betting activity reviews.  

Clue is the central repository for all ESIC information that we can organise to fit our circumstances and manage our data effectively. We can process evidence requests and generate prosecution files.” 

Esports Integrity Commission

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